Super Savers Mailing Dates

Mailing Dates

Our Spring Mailing! This mailing is perfect for any outdoor business looking to get a jump on the competition and start their season off strong .... This mailing is also in-homes for St. Patrick's Day festivities and parties. Easter and Passover are upon us so this mailing is perfectly situated for any business that caters to these Holiday... Tax Season is just around the corner making this a prime mailing for any tax preparation professionals. Also, parents begin to think summer....Great mailing for Summer camps for kids and activities for the family!

This is one of the strongest buying seasons of the year! The temperatures have warmed up and consumers are thinking about enjoying the weather and scheduling outdoor home improvement projects. This mailing is also timely for people looking to schedule pool openings and installations, Memorial Day festivities, Graduation parties, backyard inflatables & children's camps. Vacation oriented businesses would also benefit from this mailing...Pet boarding, Limo's & travel agents. And last but not least don't forget....Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Our Summer Mailing! People are out-and-about and consumers are thinking about dining out & outdoor activities as well as improving their home....This is the time for contractor's to fill up their calender for the summer! This mailing is also very timely for 4th of July & all Summer parties and's time for ice cream, catering & backyard inflatables. Last minute vacation oriented businesses should take advantage of this June mailing.

Our late Summer and Back-To-School mailing...Still time to get the kids their new Fall wardrobe, tutoring, eyeglasses, haircuts and school supplies! With everyone back from summer vacations, this is the time when consumers schedule their Fall Home Improvement projects so they can be completed in time for the Holiday season. Football season has begun and so have the football parties which mean tailgating, pizza, wings & catering . And let's not forget the rush toward Halloween!

Fall has arrived! The leaves have begun to fall and it's time to begin to think about the Holidays gatherings...Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Football parties and New Year's parties are right around the corner. Consumers who are interested in completing any home improvement projects by the Holiday season will be calling contractors now! This mailing is timely for catering, retail, toys, clothing & jewelry stores as well.....It is Gift-Giving season!