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Why Do It Yourself When Super Savers Can Do It For Less?

  • Do you have an expert design team that will develop a PROFESSIONAL advertisement? If so, at what cost?
  • Where do you get a mailing list and how much is it?
  • Do you have the knowledge and the time for labeling and sorting your advertisement piece? If you hire someone to label, at what cost?
  • Where can you get your advertisement printed AFFORDABLY, in full color and on glossy stock?
  • And the biggest cost ...How much does POSTAGE cost for you to mail your piece?

We have decades of experience in designing ad campaigns that make the phone ring! We print, sort, label and mail our pieces accurately so they are received in the homes every time! And the best thing - we do it at a FRACTION OF WHAT IT WOULD COST YOU!

We Have Direct Mail Down To A Science... So Concentrate On Your Business and Let Super Savers Handle Your Marketing!